Welcome, mortal bingo-player! You’ve found your way to the greatest bingo game of all time! I am the Blessed Cloud, your go-to guide for all things Bingo Godz. When you sign up to the site, I’ll start by leading you through a tutorial game, showing you everything you need to know to get you playing. And when it comes to the Godz, I don’t miss a trick! I’ll be in touch from time to time with hints and tips on the whereabouts of the Godz as you progress through the game.


Be part of the MULTI BONUS BINGO revolution and experience the joy of our bingo rooms! If you’re familiar with the game of bingo, then Bingo Godz will feel instantly familiar to you too. But, much like a heavenly storm gripping the bingo world, Bingo Godz will revolutionise the way you play your favourite game! Don’t wait another moment to start collecting your Godz and chatting with other players in the mortal realm…


The concept of Bingo Godz could not be simpler! There are SIX LEVELS in the game. In each level there are SIX GODZ to collect. We’ll often refer to the levels as WORLDS, because there lies a WORLD of bingo opportunity in each! And also because each level has a theme. Your Bingo Godz journey will take you through the following worlds: Greek, Eastern, Egyptian, Tiki, Norse, and Cosmic. Only by collecting all six Godz in each world will the next level be unlocked. Collecting Godz and unlocking levels means access to MORE rooms, BIGGER jackpots, and even BETTER bonuses from the Godz.


You can play Bingo Godz ANYWHERE. That’s the simple answer. Whether you’re sat on the sofa, bored on the bus, or supposed to be working at your desk, there’s never any reason to be away from the action! Play online on your desktop or laptop, or download the app and get playing on your mobile or device. It couldn’t be easier to install the app for iPhone or iPad – simply visit the app store and search for Bingo Godz. And if you’re an Android user, there an app for you too! Visit the site to find out how install it.


As you progress through the magnificent worlds of the Bingo Godz, you’ll get to know each of the Godz very well indeed. Each has a special bonus power which can be unleashed at any time, in any game, day or night! Lookout for free money games, jackpot increases, random cash prizes, cashback on purchased tickets, free extra tickets, and free daubs. Find out more about the endless special powers of the Bingo Godz and get playing for your chance to win.